Insight on astrological aspects and shapes. and about the “star of david”?

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Question by studiuou8y: Insight on astrological aspects and shapes. and about the “star of david”?
I am probably a level 7 on a scale of 10 too almost completely understanding astrology. for it is so complex in nature and requires much digging and prodding , as i find this rather fascinating and very fulfilling and almost addicting, as much of the results that arise from astro are so intensely profound and fascinating. Anyways you could say I have been conducting somewhat (or for lack there of better word , analyzing ) different charts , similarities, and dissimilarities, and so on and so forth. For the most part i have found and dug up all the facts and information I need to figure things out without ever having to spend one dollar on an actual chart interpretation. :) Untill i came across a stumbling realization that I have an extremely rare birth-chart. I was wondering why my chart is so radically different then any other chart I have ever seen. As all birth charts are unique, mine seems almost surreal , and it actually has a three-dimensional quality too it.
So anyways my questions are –
Would having 3 or more planets in the sign rulership be counted as a rare thing? i have
Sun- leo
Sat- Capricorn

Also I realize my aspects form a 6 sided hexagon. with several triangles in side with lines forming an x throughout the center of the birthchart. its kinda scary looking at it because I dont think I’ve ever seen a chart looking even close to mine!! some in sight please!!

thanks astro lovers!
Here are my aspect’s.

Sun Leo18°22’12direct
MercuryVirgo 15°44’19direct
VenusCancer 26°48’08direct
Mars Taurus 18°55’49direct
Pluto Scorpio15°02’38direct
True NodeAquarius7°14’49retrograde

Medium CoeliPisces22°02’41
also house positions which are in addition interesting in my chart…

SUN — 2nd
Mercury (IN VIRGO)– 3rd in grand trine with mars, saturn , uranus , neptune
empty- 4th house
pluto SCORPIO — 5th house trine asc , and MC , sextile merc , saturn , neptune
Uranus & neptune — 6th house conjunct uranus and neptune
Saturn– 7th house
empty– 8th house
empty–9th house
MC ASPECTS ( another grand trine) — venus, jupiter, pluto trine MC,
Moon in Aries– 10th house — heres my *harsh* aspects moon square , asc, neptune, saturn, venus, but then i have the gifted sun trine moon.
Mars in Taurus in — 11th house– another trine, with mars, neptune, saturn, along with two sextiles to both my AC and MC

Best answer:

Answer by GibBas
It’s a grand sextile aspect formation.
Have a look at Lunar Living Aspect Formations.

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  1. SaggiMC says

    I would have been more impressed if you posted your chart from astro. Just giving planets in signs is not enough information. I need to see what orbs you have used for this? I tend to reduce the orbs ratio down on astro to 85% in extended chart selection to bring in line with mainstream orbs.

    A true star of david would be quite rate and is formed by two grand trines, one inverted with lots of sextiles. Now sextiles and trines are really easy, soft flowing aspects which lean towards inertia and expectation of thiings just ‘falling into place’ there is little energy to change or move or resolve issues.

    Every chart usually has a mixture of good and challenging aspects. learning astrology makes you much more self aware of your good and not so good character traits and this *awareness* can help you modify and change. Your natal chart is full of potential and its entirely upto you whether you fulfill that potential or not. Your chart is a major influence and not a control mechanism
    Just bear in mind that things like North Node, Juno, Vertex, Chiron and Angles (Ascendant/Midheaven) are not included in aspect configurations

    “But first lets define the Star of David. It is two interlocking Grand Trines, placed so that there are 6 sextiles formed by the two Grand Trines. For this reason the Star of David is also sometimes called a Grand Sextile. Within this pattern you will also see two crossed Mystic Rectanges. Any part of this pattern by itself is very powerful: A Grand Trine, a Kite, a Mystic Rectangle, a Half of a Grand Sextile (which is fomed by an opposition with two Sextiles on one side of it, all of which falls within one half of the chart wheel).”
    read a lot more good info from this site above

    “Star of David
    A configuration of aspects formed when two Grand Trines are present in a horoscope, connected with each other by sextiles. In the ideal case they form a hexagon. As this configuration is very seldom formed, a number of astrologists consider that a Star of David occurs even with two unconnected Grand Trines.
    P.Globa states that the Star of David shows a native protected in all he does, but one who does not avoid internal reorganizations; he or she will change in form to adapt, but the inner essence remains constant: “as he was in the cradle, such will be and in the grave”. If Lilith does not enter the Hexagon, and Selena enters it, the given configuration will be all-mighty.
    M.March and J. McEvers remark that the Hexagon configuration offers natives exclusive opportunities, and a brilliant ability to communicate with other people. The danger of a Star of David consists in expenditure of energy, because of the increased many-sided, various interests and the numerous opportunities. Intense (hard) aspects can help with this difficulty.”

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