Thoughts on second decan Taurus?

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Question by Broken: Thoughts on second decan Taurus?
I’m a second decan Aries trying to decide who to stay with…….second decan Taurus or second decan Scorpio. Honestly I love the Taurus more but my gut tells me he is a cheater even tho he swears he is nothing but faithful. He is however addicted to porn & has a wandering eye when we are out. The Scorpio I actually have more trust in for some reason. I don’t think he is capable of cheating on me & as far as I know, doesn’t even look at porn. I’ve never caught him. Again I do love the Taurus more but am petrified of getting hurt & cheated on. I have a son with both & need to make a decision like now! Please help…….are second Taurus cheaters as I feel he is? The second Devon Taurus I know is absolutely horrible! He cheats constantly on his wife even with prostitutes & gave his wife herpes :(

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Answer by SaggiMC
DecanATES are periods of 10 are NOT important and only used for Ascendants, not sun’s or anything else

Try learning something useful, rather than fringy things like this. Decanates are of minor influences and not worth bothering with in my vast experience, which is over 20years!

dominant planets
You can do this by making a Free account on and click Free Horoscopes tab. Click “Color Horoscope” if you just want to see your dominant planets and aspects. This is a new feature which shows in graph form which planet is dominant.
In Extended Chart selection, under (Methods), the Pullen/Astrology section does not deal or explain dominant planets but gives (sign/house dispositor graph)and under ‘simple delineation by Walter Pullen’ is a list of planets, aspects, midpoints. Personally, I think the astroclick version is better.

this one above just gives dominant element, ie: fire, earth, air water

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